Friday, October 29, 2010

Honey the Bumble Bee

The first little animal is a bumble bee.

This was a pretty simple little critter, although the size 000 needles made it a little difficult.

Bumble Bee

With Black: CO 6 sts(I used long tail CO)and join in round.
Row 1: kfb in all sts
Row 2: k3, place bead, k4, place bead, k3
Row 3: (k1, kfb) around
Row 4: knit
Row 5, 6: Change to Yellow and knit 2 rounds
Row 7: with black knit 1 row
Repeat rows 5-7 three more times(you should have 4 yellow stripes,)
Row 17: With black, k2tog around
Row 18: (k2tog, k1) around
Row 19: k2tog around
Row 20-21: knit the 3 sts as icord.
Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts.

chain 2 with crochet hook
6 sc in second chain from hook.
Bind off
Attach to back of bumble bee

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