Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Armadillo, a Walrus, and a pain in the behind Giraffe

The first is an armadillo in pink. Yes pink, just because I had some. There are plans for a yellow one before christmas(for friends in Texas).

The Walrus is made from the Spinning Room(my LYS) colorway from Periwinkle Sheep. I love this yarn!(I stiil have 22 grams of it left, so there will be more Spinning Room animals.)

I am finally finished with the Giraffe. I love how he turned out, but he was a pain in the behind to make. It took me 9 tries(3 turned out to be other animals) to get him just right. After I had finished him I decided that he needed spots. Therefore I have to go to my Chemistry Lab(better known as the kitchen) and get some food coloring and vinegar out. The spots were easy to make and really make the Giraffe.

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