Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Young Lion and a Mighty Dragon

Have I mentioned yet that I hate sewing the legs on my little animals? Thank goodness for knit-ins or I would probably have a bunch of legless animals and very few completed ones! My lion was one of the animals that was done in 2 days but it took a week for me to sew on the legs.

The lion is a teenage male lion(his mane is starting to come in but only a little). Think Simba at the end of
Hakuna Matata.

This dragon is a friend for Champy. I was going to make a Nessie but since she will be the same pattern as Champy I decided to make a different friend for Champy. I love my dragon and her wings were a lot of fun to figure out!(I learned how to do the picot bindoff)

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